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Terror Rescue


Darren Alexander

The thrilling sequel to Secret Rescue finds the INTERSAR team facing an unknown terrorist bent on releasing a gas that sends people into a homicidal rage!

When a CO2 truck crashes and splits it’s tank near Aspen, the people involved along with the first responders begin to feel a little off. Aspen native Brett Tyson kills his camping buddies and best friend after being exposed to the escaped gas. Dr. Melendez, the county coroner, attacks the corpse of the truck driver right before performing an autopsy.

The INTERSAR team soon learn there are more trucks filled with the same hallucinogenic gas. With no idea where the trucks are headed, Jason Sterling and crew race against the clock to try and prevent a large scale attack somewhere in the United States! 

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Secret Rescue


Darren Alexander

A morning jog sends Amelia running for her life.

Veterinarian Amelia Chapman loved the life she made in Austin. She had a stable career, a new car, her own home, and wonderful, supportive friends. Until a case of “wrong time, wrong place” lands her in the witness protection program.

The Nuevo León Cartel is responsible for the majority of kidnappings and executions in the Texas border town of Laredo. When they assassinate a Texas Senator in the state capital of Austin, they’re quickly apprehended and convicted with the help of sole witness, Amelia Chapman.

Three years later, Amelia has a new identity, new job, and a new life when the death of a co-worker brings Nuevo León back into her world. With the help of a U.S. Marshal, a billionaire philanthropist, and a pale woman with a shady background, Amelia must face one of Mexico’s top assassins.


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