D. L. AlexanderDarren Alexander currently lives in Central Florida, but grew up at the base of Pikes Peak in Colorado Springs. He continued his education a few years after high school studying Cultural Anthropology and eventually Software Engineering. However, love of the outdoors pushed him into many years spent in landscaping, where a creative side bloomed.

Being near the mountains and living in a state that, at the time, was the micro-brew capital of the country, he developed a fondness for mountain biking and craft beer. Now, the biking takes place on more level terrain and beaches. But, the craft beer selection is rapidly growing.

A slow reader, but lover of books, he eventually discovered audio books. He began listening at work and was “reading” between 150 and 170 books a year. The stumble into writing came one morning when he woke with a story in his head, mostly complete, beginning to end. Over a few days, the story become more and more clear and the only way to get it out of his head was to write it. That story is now his first book, Secret Rescue.

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